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A home pod espresso maker like the Citiz can brew a delicious single cup of coffee or espresso complete with the frothy layer previously only available at a café or upscale restaurant. If you love espresso but are not a barista, nor desire to be one, and if you don’t care to spend a half an hour making a cup of espresso and cleaning up in the mornings, there are now some great espresso machines with easy pods.

If you like rich, black crema espresso or smooth, foam-topped cappuccino, latte and more, an espresso machine such as the Nespresso Citiz is a great tool to add to your kitchen or office break room. The pods are a bit more than regular espresso beans but you will save tons over buying those pricey $4 lattes anymore!

I don’t have any connection with Citiz or other espresso makers beyond liking the ease in which a good frothy cup of espresso can be made using those pod machines.

Keep checking back as we add new articles on both pod espresso makers and conventional ones. And enjoy a nice steamy cup of coffee the way you like it!