by Margery Farrand

Many of us consume coffee daily, but have you ever wondered what goes in to creating that delicious cup of Coffee?

It starts with the harvest

Coffee trees bloom with lovely white flowers in the spring, which then make way to small green coffee beans. These beans grow over the following months, until they ripen into a red fruit called coffee cherry in the fall. This cherry has to be picked manually, which is a really laborious procedure.

Coffee beans ripen at various rates, so one branch will usually have both green as well as red beans on it. To get the very best good quality coffee, expert pickers will thoroughly pick only the ripest beans from every tree, leaving the younger beans for later.

Pulping and drying

When the cherry is collected the very first processing step is to remove the outer red skin of the fruit. This process, referred to as pulping, is done by a machine having a cylinder and spinning knobs that pull the skin out from the bean.

When the beans have been pulped they are laid out under the sun to dry up. This drying procedure usually takes about a week, as the beans should attain a moisture content of not more than 10%. Special drying houses are usually built to expose the coffee to sunlight while keeping it from rain. Furthermore, the coffee must be raked each and every few hours to turn the beans and promote even drying.

Hulling and roasting

To continue the procedure, coffee parchment is operate by a hulling device that strips the last layer of skin out from the beans. The result is called green bean, and is an expensive product that may be marketed on its own.

Once the coffee is hulled it should be categorized. The sorting process classifies beans according to weight and size utilizing a gravity table. Once the coffee is categorized it gets on to the roasting process. Roasting is performed as close to the period of sale as possible to prevent deterioration of the flavor. Roasted coffee may be light, medium, full, or somewhere in between. In the end, about 8 pounds of coffee cherry enter into making one pound of roasted coffee.

A Note From The Author:
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