by Paul Robertson

You don’t have to set foot inside a cafe to have the perfect cup of coffee each time. The DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine is a combination of sleek design, impressive performance and affordable price tag. It’s packed with features letting you enjoy a serving of your favorite beverage just the way you like it.

You don’t have to devote a lot of counter top area for it. It has a compact body measuring 11.61″ (height) x 9.06″ (width) x 11.02″ (depth). It isn’t that tall to allow easy access to the cup warmer located at the top, with guard rails to prevent untoward incidences. Plastic parts on the outside are kept to a minimum as stainless steel is the primary casing material. It will look sleek for years as it resists corrosion. Also, the appearance should not intimidate you even on the first usage.

Apart from the casing, another part made out of stainless steel is the boiler. The use of such material ensures the product’s durability. Furthermore, it helps prevent each cup you make from having a metallic taste to it.

Within is a water tank which has a 44-ounce capacity. Because some rivals can hold over a hundred ounces, it sure is not the biggest tank in the market these days. Due to this, it’s much more suited for use at home rather than in an office or business setup. But making up for this limited water capacity is the speedy start-up time because of the impressive priming system. Especially during workdays when you need to get to the office right away, you’ll be glad for such feature. The appliance is a fast worker as it allows you to have your freshly brewed coffee in just 25 to 26 seconds.

Despite of its size, it is very flexible in terms of what the filter holder can do. The patented design allows you to use either coffee grounds or pods. Because of this, coffee lovers who like things simplified will rejoice knowing that they can use E. S. E. (easy serving espresso) pods. But no matter which one you prefer to use, this kitchen assistant can handle it.

Increasing your satisfaction is the 15-bar pump maximum pressure (8- to 9-bar actual pressure used). Also, there are two thermostats which are separate from each other. By individually controlling water and steam pressure, it’s easy to achieve the perfect temperature. Ensuring that your favorite kitchen corner remains spotless is the anti-drip design.

You don’t have to get lessons from the server at your trusted cafe. This product’s patented and adjustable frother system lets you create latte or cappuccino flawlessly. You can easily come up with a rich and creamy drink, thanks to the wand that mixes steam and milk in the perfect manner. However, you cannot froth while the machine is still in brew mode.

Despite of the features, the DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine surprisingly has a more affordable price tag than the competition. While there may be a few limitations to the appliance, there’s more than enough to please someone who wants a great drink prepared at home. It gives you the perfect cup each time without leaving a hole in your pocket.

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