If you are going to serve a fine cup of espresso, you should serve it with style with beautiful, elegant espresso cups. You can find a great selection of cups including ones that are double-layered to hold in the heat to keep your espresso hotter longer. You can find these double-layered cups in glass as well as ceramic, and in a great range of designs and patterns. You can even match your espresso cups to your coffee cups but most prefer to have them make a unique statement.

Espresso cups, also referred to as “demitasse” cups, only hold about 2 or 3 ounces of fluid. Cappuccino cups are over twice that size, since Cappuccino is actually espresso mixed with a topping of foamy hot milk, which necessitates a
larger size mug.

Both Cappuccino and espresso cups can be found in glass, with a variety of designs available for everyone’s taste. The classic glass espresso cup is a elegant glass cup with chrome handles and trimming. These cups often have little “feet” at the bottom, or are flat-bottomed so they. can be served on a table. A fashionable design now is a glass, egg-shaped espresso cup without handles. You can even buy little mug-shaped espresso cups with matching saucers. And you can get those in clear glass, tinted glass or blue glass espresso cups.

Traditional ceramic espresso cups are also widely available, whether in classic white with gold trim, or in more bold designs. Italian-style espresso cups have solid colors on the outside and egg white interior, or you can find espresso cups with Italian scenes painted on the outside. Or novelty espresso cups can even be found that are designed by well-known artists.

Dainty designs might seem odd for an espresso but that can give your espresso set a light summertime feel. Or you might like the classic blue and white ceramic Willow Ware design or Wedgwood china to add an air of sophistication to your kitchen. But if you opt for ceramic espresso cups, save yourself some work and make certain that your ceramic espresso cups are dishwasher safe so the design work on it stays bright and crisp.

Or you can go with some sharp looking stainless steel espresso cups with chrome handles and matching saucers. Or for that organic flair try some blue stoneware espresso cups with their natural look. They seem to make a good cup of organic espresso and a whole wheat biscotti somehow taste better!

Once you have found the espresso cups that go well with your dishware and match your personality, it is time to have some friends over to enjoy espresso in those new cups. Espresso and dessert make any gathering memorable when served on special plates and cups, so enjoy the wonderful occasion.