by Cleo Gangestad

It doesn’t matter if you’re a coffee newbie or someone who’s been delighting in your neighborhood coffee shop’s offerings for some time, there is a query that prevails among several individuals out there. That question is just what is the deviation between a Latte and a Cappuccino?

Both choice of drinks comprise an espresso shot. They both get filled with frothed milk. So exactly why do they have two varying names?

Believe it or not, the biggest difference between cappuccino’s and latte’s could seem very trivial to some people.

The primary variation between the two beverages is in reality not to do with the active ingredients, but in how they are served. Yes, that’s right, by taking the same elements and putting them in a mug in different ways can make two distinctive different drinks!

For instance, the latte is often served in a clear glass coffee cup, and that suggests you can see through the coffee cup and see the coffee within. The barista can use this to put together an aesthetic treat by layering the espresso shot, the steamed milk and then ultimately the milky froth on top.

It winds up appearing quite delectable and a bit like a layer cake!

Conversely, a cappuccino is commonly served in a small-sized cup, without being layered and it will have a cocoa powder dusting for optical impact.

These are the traditional means of dishing up the two drinks but how about when you purchase them to take away? Well, this is where the variations are a little more suspect. If we make a cup of joe in a take-out mug of course we can’t observe any layers in a latte – and the barista will certainly not make an effort establishing this visible effect for the reason that it will obviously be pointless.

So if we have these beverages to take away, they each consist of one coffee shot, steamed milk and on initial sight it appears that the only variation is now the chocolate dusting. This on the other hand is still not the only distinction because something I didn’t suggest earlier is that the volume of milk in each drink is also varied between the two beverages!

A latte will have a much higher milk content than a cappuccino and the result is a milkier, less strong cup of coffee when compared to a cap.

So there you have it, the response to what the difference between a latte and a cappuccino is therefore; traditionally they are prepared and showcased in a different way and a latte has much more milk than a cappuccino.

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