Here’s a good article by a guest author on office coffee service. The author is in Australia so the references to “hiring” a commercial machine translates to us in the USA as “renting” a commercial machine in case you wondered. I posted it because it is a well-written article on office coffee makers. Enjoy!

Forget the boardroom, the structured team-building exercises, the expensive productivity consultant or the snooze-worthy brainstorming sessions – productivity is all about the office coffee machine

And why is that?  Office coffee machines are becoming the hub of the business where everything happens. Of course, the office coffee machine is the perfect place to discuss the weekend’s social activities – but it’s also the perfect place where ideas germinate.

Ok, the boardroom table may have to stay, but more and more organizations are realizing that a vital step towards better productivity and happier, more motivated staff is embracing the concept of the office coffee ‘hub’ rather than frowning upon it.

The really clever thing to do would be to replace the productivity consultant with a specialist in office interiors – and give them a brief to create a fabulous working space around a coffee machine.  That surely is a more effective business strategy than spending large sums of money on productivity consultants or brainstorming sessions?

Well-designed floor spaces with dedicated hubs for beverage and snack areas have been proven to be significant productivity boosters – and provide workers with welcoming spaces in which to mingle, share ideas, brainstorm, collaborate and discuss opportunities.

So it should be no surprise that there has been a huge growth in sales of coffee machines.  In the land down under for example, the pod or portioned coffee machine is the fastest growing segment of the coffee machine market, with a staggering 91% growth in the past year…whilst coffee machine hire and traditional office coffee machines have also grown significantly.

Hire a commercial coffee machine or buy an espresso machine –  it doesn’t matter….the important thing is creating a desirable cafe space where workers can be relaxed, happy, motivated, effective and of course, productive.