Jual Kopi Luwak is the best coffee in the world ever. Civet Coffee is exclusively made from Indonesia. Paradoxurus hermaphoditus or usually called with Asian Palm Civet is species with unique digestive system, that can turn coffee berries into civet coffee. In civet digestive system, the coffee beans will be processed . In Luwak digestive system, the proterlyctic enzymes from civet will infiltrate into coffee berries. Such processes will creating shorter peptides chain and make coffee beans contain less amino acids. Unique flavor will be produced because luwak will eat protein from coffee berries. After that, coffee beans will be processing in civet’s intestines before come out in form of feces. . Before become kopi luwak, coffee berries will pass process of collecting, cleaning, drying, and light roasting and after that brewing.

The question then what makes Kopi Luwak become so unique? Well, we can see that process explained above has created great flavor and aroma. Kopi luwak is less bitterness that makes it safe for everyone with cavity problem. This coffee has thick texture. The taste of this civet coffee depends on roasting levels. Kopi luwak with very smooth profiles usually only get lighter roasted process. When you try to have coffee with light roasted process, usually they will have stronger flavor.

Indonesia, Philippine, and Vietnam are countries that producing kopi luwak in large quantity. When you want to drink civet coffee, you will need to prepare money in large. At least you need to have $35 until $80 you enjoy a cup of kopi luwak. When you want to have kopi luwak you need to prepare to spend at least $100 and up to $800 for every single pound. As this coffee’s popularity grows, there are a lot of people all over the world interested in trying it. If you are someone who loves coffee, you should try to drinking kopi luwak.

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