Ever wondered how the coffee shops make those patterns in the top of your cappuccino froth ?

Well, here’s the good news – you can make your own latte art at home (if you have a coffee machine and a milk steamer of course!)  It’s actually not that difficult, but it will probably take more than a few cappuccinos to master the art (pardon the pun)….

So how is it done?  Here are some tips for frothy fun.

The first thing is to choose the right coffee cup.  You need a large surface area in the beginning, so choose one with a wide diameter.

The milk steamer of your coffee machine will also be an important factor.  The majority of baristas like the froth volume and consistency of semi-skim milk (98% fat-free) which should be cold when it goes into the frother.

You probably don’t need to steam for longer than a few seconds, but you do need to eliminate any surface bubbles by tapping the jug down on the counter top…gently.

The espresso is just as important as the milk, so a good coffee machine is a big advantage.

You need to pour the milk as soon as possible, but take things s..l..o..w..l..y.

Tilt the cup slightly, and start pouring ….and this is where the fun starts

You’ll get a much better idea about how to pour and what to do if you look at online videos from many of the companies that sell coffee makers have demos on their websites.

Using water as a substitute while you practice (and practice and practice and practice) is a good way of protecting your automatic coffee machine from overuse (and saving on your precious coffee supplies too!).

And who knows, with all that practice, you could be tempted to ditch your day job in the office for coffee and a career in cappuccino creations.  There’s even a World Latte Art Championship title to be won….and that’s no joke !