Another review in our series of coffee machine reviews. This review by guest author, Paul Robertson, is about the Gaggia Titanium machine.

by Paul Robertson

When surveying precisely what people wanted from a great espresso machine, two reactions kept coming up. These were amazing espressos as well as an uncomplicated device. The Gaggia Titanium espresso machine presents both of these qualities. As an extra reward, it also has a great appearance and provides you with an incredible list of features.

The menus are easy to follow, and can be read on a blue LCD display positioned on the front of the appliance. The blue LCD panel makes everything easy to read and follow in all lighting conditions. Situated just below the LCD readout panel are the push button controls, these buttons are programmable so you get your coffee just the way that you like it.

These seven control buttons give you choice over aspects such as varieties of temperature settings, the clock and timer application as well as the grinding function to name merely a few. As a result, you can easily program the machine to perform to your individual tastes, any time you want. There is definitely nothing better than getting out of bed in the morning along with the fragrance of newly brewed coffee.

This distinct unit works on a double boiler system. The one boiler is stainless steel, and used for brewing the coffee. The second one is the steaming boiler. This additional boiler makes it possible for you to receive frothed and steamed milk without waiting.

By making use of the menu, you can easily program your machine to provide the precise amount of coffee you require. As an additional development you also get to choose exactly how you prefer your coffee beans to be ground, from extra fine to a coarse grind. There is in fact the option of eighteen various grinds offered. These can easily be discovered at the rear of the coffee bean hopper.

The bean hopper itself will hold 8.5 oz of your favorite coffee beans. Previously it was mentioned that you can adjust the grind to suit your taste, but with this appliance you can actually set the appliance to deliver between 6 and 9 grams of coffee per shot. This is just a perfect way to set you up for the day. Even those who sometimes prefer something other than freshly ground coffee, such as decaffeinated, have been catered for as pre-ground coffee can be added to the bypass doser.

The LCD screen will even tell you when more water or beans are required, it will even tell you when it needs cleaning. Mentioning cleaning, this machine comes on a swivel base, which really does make things so much easier. You can easily gain access to the water reservoir to replenish it. Or the used grounds container if that needs emptying. Everything seems so accessible without having to move the unit.

As you will certainly have detected, the Gaggia Titanium espresso machine has been produced with the coffee enthusiast in mind. Its design and style will certainly complement most decors and also locations. You may now become capable of making your favorite cappuccinos, lattes and espressos just the way you like them, and in the ease and comfort of your own home.

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Another in our series of coffee machine reviews for your consideration. This informative review is authored by James Gleeson.

By Guest Author, James Gleeson

If you’re searching for Rancilio Silvia reviews online, it only means you are thinking of getting of an espresso machine for the home. Most people who adore drinking coffee will congratulate you for considering the right product. All over the world, such brand is well-known for its durability. It’s also regarded as a great performer, providing cafe-quality servings.

This one isn’t the most affordable of all similar units currently in the market. But you are looking at a great deal knowing that it’s priced below $1000. For years the machine has won the trust of many, and now its third version is available.

Being an informed consumer is essential if you want to avoid regretting making that purchase. The internet makes the researching task easy. Because the machine you are thinking about getting is quite popular, you won’t have a hard time searching for articles about it in cyberspace. Forum sites are also excellent places where you can find tons of consumer opinions.

This home espresso machine boasts of a sleek and modern look as it is housed in brushed stainless steel. Measuring only 13.5 (height) x 9.5 (width) x 11.0 (depth) inches, practically any available surface in the kitchen will be able to accommodate it. Carry it and you know that this 35-pounder is built to be of service for many years.

Because the manufacturer takes pride in the quality of its offering, the unit carries the logo and name on the front panel and at the back as well. Your guests will right away know you are relying on a quality product no matter which side they see. The front panel is clutter-free, carrying only a handful of switches for a trouble-free operation. With this, the consumer is spared from ending up with a headache trying to figure out how to get the machine to produce a cup of espresso.

You’ll be glad to know that the basics of coming up with a wonderful serving of your favorite beverage are in all in the unit. Most people who own it will tell you that they are as close to what commercial versions are using. Due to this fact, you can enjoy cafe-quality experience each and every time, even without paying your favorite local establishment a visit.

Its water reservoir out of thick plastic and has a capacity of less than 2 liters slides out of the top rear portion of the unit. Brass boiler within may not be the fastest one around when it comes to heating up. However, it’s known to be very good at keeping temperature high. This also means you don’t have to put up with a metallic taste, like when aluminum is used.

It’s true that this kitchen appliance is designed with top-notch performance in mind. However, by no means it should be treated like a commercial machine. It’s not ideal for use in a jam-packed room where every person is a coffee drinker.

The name the machine carries speaks volumes about its quality. But it’s by reading Rancilio Silvia reviews that you can know this espresso maker very well. Devote time to doing your assignment before heading out to shop or placing an order online.

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A Keurig B40 Coffeemaker Review

Here is a guest author giving a coffee machine review for a Keurig B40.

Review by Christian Heberling

Making coffee requires practice and a lot of combinations. You’ll need a good coffee maker to help you master the coffee-making, a coffee that suits your taste. In using a coffee maker, you’ll need to have a coffee maker that bid in every aspect needed. A durable coffee maker like Keurig B40 Coffee Maker makes sense to use, if you are a new player in the art of coffee-making.

We are, somehow an amateurish of coffee-making, so we need a utensils in our kitchen that taught us how to make perfect coffee. In your usual coffee shop, they make coffee that is like a magnet to our senses to come back and buy new coffee the next day. To have a coffee maker like Keurig B40, it can reconnect us every now and then because of how good our coffee is.

Throughout, we devote our time knowing how to make that perfect coffee taste. Something that we can considered as our own coffee that suits our daily needs. We may trade our perfect coffee to our means of livelihood, only if we master it by using Keurig B40 Coffee Maker.

Drinking coffee is part of my daily chores, mostly in the morning just to get acquainted back to my senses. It adds relaxation by tasting the flavor of coffee, something like a refresher just to start my day. It’s no surprise that I cook food in my kitchen and make a cup of coffee to remove my sleepy feeling every morning. By having a coffee, I know that I can sustain my energy for the day ahead.

You’ve definitely got more energy with coffee, so spend some of it by reading reviews and other important matters to understand how Keurig B40 Coffee Maker can create a fine cup of coffee for you is already a bonus of all the benefits you’ll in a coffee maker.

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How To Buy Coffee Machines

Here is a good overview to start our series of reviews on coffee machines by guest author, Nik. Enjoy!

by Nik Andrews

Searching for a coffee machine? Finding the right machine for your needs can be a daunting task. There are so many different types available today. Each type seems to be better than the last. How can you ensure that you get it right when making your choice?

The decision-making process begins by answering some basic questions. Money should not be the first thing to consider, but it is a major factor in the decision-making process. You can only purchase a coffee machine that you can afford. You should therefore determine how much money you have available for the purchase of the machine.

The type of coffee machine you choose will depend on the type of coffee you enjoy or want to serve in your restaurant. There are different coffee machines to produce different types of coffee. If for example you would like to have an espresso every morning, you should purchase a machine that can make an espresso.

Different coffee machines have different brewing capabilities. You will therefore need to consider how much coffee you will need to produce and within what time. This is especially important for those in the catering business. If you will have a large demand for coffee within a short time, you will need a coffee machine that can produce large amounts of coffee within a short time to meet the demand. However, for an individual or family, a smaller machine producing a single cup at a time may be ideal.

Consider the types of machines in the market and their ease of use and maintenance. You will want to purchase a coffee machine that will not cause you problems in learning how to use it as well as maintaining it. If you are an individual looking to have a great cup of coffee in the morning, you should purchase filter type coffee machines. These are relatively easy to use and maintain.

Coffee machines come in varying styles. It is important to choose a coffee machine that suits your style. The appliance will be a prominent part of your kitchen and should complement your style. Take the time to choose the right color and design for you. If you are choosing an appliance for someone else, you should ensure that the style matches his or her taste and preferences.

Take your time to learn about the different coffee machines and their merits and disadvantages. Read reviews before you make your final purchase. You will then end up with just the right coffee machine for you.

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by Paul Robertson

You don’t have to set foot inside a cafe to have the perfect cup of coffee each time. The DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine is a combination of sleek design, impressive performance and affordable price tag. It’s packed with features letting you enjoy a serving of your favorite beverage just the way you like it.

You don’t have to devote a lot of counter top area for it. It has a compact body measuring 11.61″ (height) x 9.06″ (width) x 11.02″ (depth). It isn’t that tall to allow easy access to the cup warmer located at the top, with guard rails to prevent untoward incidences. Plastic parts on the outside are kept to a minimum as stainless steel is the primary casing material. It will look sleek for years as it resists corrosion. Also, the appearance should not intimidate you even on the first usage.

Apart from the casing, another part made out of stainless steel is the boiler. The use of such material ensures the product’s durability. Furthermore, it helps prevent each cup you make from having a metallic taste to it.

Within is a water tank which has a 44-ounce capacity. Because some rivals can hold over a hundred ounces, it sure is not the biggest tank in the market these days. Due to this, it’s much more suited for use at home rather than in an office or business setup. But making up for this limited water capacity is the speedy start-up time because of the impressive priming system. Especially during workdays when you need to get to the office right away, you’ll be glad for such feature. The appliance is a fast worker as it allows you to have your freshly brewed coffee in just 25 to 26 seconds.

Despite of its size, it is very flexible in terms of what the filter holder can do. The patented design allows you to use either coffee grounds or pods. Because of this, coffee lovers who like things simplified will rejoice knowing that they can use E. S. E. (easy serving espresso) pods. But no matter which one you prefer to use, this kitchen assistant can handle it.

Increasing your satisfaction is the 15-bar pump maximum pressure (8- to 9-bar actual pressure used). Also, there are two thermostats which are separate from each other. By individually controlling water and steam pressure, it’s easy to achieve the perfect temperature. Ensuring that your favorite kitchen corner remains spotless is the anti-drip design.

You don’t have to get lessons from the server at your trusted cafe. This product’s patented and adjustable frother system lets you create latte or cappuccino flawlessly. You can easily come up with a rich and creamy drink, thanks to the wand that mixes steam and milk in the perfect manner. However, you cannot froth while the machine is still in brew mode.

Despite of the features, the DeLonghi EC702 espresso machine surprisingly has a more affordable price tag than the competition. While there may be a few limitations to the appliance, there’s more than enough to please someone who wants a great drink prepared at home. It gives you the perfect cup each time without leaving a hole in your pocket.

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Everything You Need To Be Familiar With Espresso

By Stephen A Young

Espresso coffee is a term which instantly anticipates coffee inside our minds. Espresso isn’t a certain coffee bean, roast or even mix. It’s actually an approach coffee is prepared. Espresso coffee is made by simply shooting pressurized, warm water with well ground coffee. As a result of this particular brewing process, espresso coffee features a thick texture and contains a higher level when compared with various other brewing techniques.

Espresso is used as the foundation for a number of drinks in a coffee house. Whenever visiting a cafe, you would get confused with many different options, your choices vary from Caffe Latte, Mocha, Cappuccino, Americano, Breve as well as Espresso, and the like. In case you are unaware of the beverages, you might find yourself getting a beverage you won’t delight in.

Each of the drinks mentioned earlier make use of Espresso for their base. For Caffe Latte, it is espresso coffee together with tons of steamed milk along with a little bit of foam at the top. A buyer may have the personal preference to not include the foam in any way. The Mocha beverage likewise makes use of Espresso as its base, added in with chocolate syrup and steamed milk, topped together with whipped cream. It’s different from another coffee drink that’s referred to as Mocha Java. The Mocha beverage is probably the most favored amongst general consumers of coffee.

There are many versions that you can choose to mix when purchasing for a drink. The Espresso coffee can be doubled or tripled according to one’s taste. Placing syrup to top off the drink can also be carried out in many cafes. Coffee’s global recognition must derive from the undeniable fact that your beverages could be individualized by adding syrup, whipped cream or even flavor ingredients.

Additionally you have the option to use full cream milk, soy milk products or non-fat and may prefer to put spices like cinnamon on your drink. The sheer numbers of choices may tend to spark a hold-up from the line if you’re not aware of what each drink contains.

Cafes are the place people meet up with, where they are going to work away from their homes or offices. In spite of it being a laid-back place to be, it won’t be good for taking so long in line simply to obtain a drink. Cafes were made for meeting new people purposes too hence most of them get warm and pleasant employees. When you’re not so certain of what you want to consume you may talk to baristas to suggest a good drink. But seriously, regular coffee tastes great already; any other option is probably amazing too.

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Most of us use our tap water to make our morning coffee. I do. But if you have not tried a more pure supply of water, you should. I still use my clear tap water for most of my coffee and espresso, but when I want a special treat, I bring out a jug of distilled water. And I make sure my coffee pot is cleaned and free of old oils and residue.

Many years back, I didn’t make the connection between pure water and good coffee. I just knew that after I moved to a town with rusty water, my appreciation of fine coffee faded. The water wasn’t too bad except in the spring when melting snow from the forests turned the water brownish from the tannins. But the water was safe and didn’t taste too bad.

But what I didn’t know was that all the minerals in the water were leeching out the flavor I used to enjoy in my coffee!

After a couple of years of buying various coffee blends with disappointing results, I was finally able to put it together enough to realize the water was what was depriving me of my quest for good coffee (yes, I’m a slow learner!).

I started buying pure distilled water and cleaning my coffee pot frequently. And my appreciation for wonderful coffee and espresso returned.

By the way, bottled mineral water or so-called pure spring water is not a good alternative to distilled water for the best coffee. You should at least give distilled water a chance. You may not easily find distilled water in the water and beverage section of your store. I’ve found it in with baby food in some stores and in with hardware or auto supplies in others.

I now live in the country and my water comes from a deep well filtered by hundreds of feet of the earth. The water is pure and chlorine-free and my daily fix of coffee is delicious.

But even with the clean source of well water, I still periodically treat myself to a gallon jug of distilled water so I can enjoy the purest cup of coffee possible.

So whether you think your water is somewhat filtered or it is loaded with chlorine and other chemicals, pick up some distilled water, scrub your coffee pot (and carefully rinse out any soap), and really enjoy the taste of coffee!

Espresso Cups

If you are going to serve a fine cup of espresso, you should serve it with style with beautiful, elegant espresso cups. You can find a great selection of cups including ones that are double-layered to hold in the heat to keep your espresso hotter longer. You can find these double-layered cups in glass as well as ceramic, and in a great range of designs and patterns. You can even match your espresso cups to your coffee cups but most prefer to have them make a unique statement.

Espresso cups, also referred to as “demitasse” cups, only hold about 2 or 3 ounces of fluid. Cappuccino cups are over twice that size, since Cappuccino is actually espresso mixed with a topping of foamy hot milk, which necessitates a
larger size mug.

Both Cappuccino and espresso cups can be found in glass, with a variety of designs available for everyone’s taste. The classic glass espresso cup is a elegant glass cup with chrome handles and trimming. These cups often have little “feet” at the bottom, or are flat-bottomed so they. can be served on a table. A fashionable design now is a glass, egg-shaped espresso cup without handles. You can even buy little mug-shaped espresso cups with matching saucers. And you can get those in clear glass, tinted glass or blue glass espresso cups.

Traditional ceramic espresso cups are also widely available, whether in classic white with gold trim, or in more bold designs. Italian-style espresso cups have solid colors on the outside and egg white interior, or you can find espresso cups with Italian scenes painted on the outside. Or novelty espresso cups can even be found that are designed by well-known artists.

Dainty designs might seem odd for an espresso but that can give your espresso set a light summertime feel. Or you might like the classic blue and white ceramic Willow Ware design or Wedgwood china to add an air of sophistication to your kitchen. But if you opt for ceramic espresso cups, save yourself some work and make certain that your ceramic espresso cups are dishwasher safe so the design work on it stays bright and crisp.

Or you can go with some sharp looking stainless steel espresso cups with chrome handles and matching saucers. Or for that organic flair try some blue stoneware espresso cups with their natural look. They seem to make a good cup of organic espresso and a whole wheat biscotti somehow taste better!

Once you have found the espresso cups that go well with your dishware and match your personality, it is time to have some friends over to enjoy espresso in those new cups. Espresso and dessert make any gathering memorable when served on special plates and cups, so enjoy the wonderful occasion.

Here is an article about shopping for a cheap coffee maker by a guest author. The prices stated are in pounds so if you are on the other side of the pond, you will need to convert those but it is an informative article. Enjoy!

by Michelle Slade

The market is awash with appliances and it can be quite confusing to determine which one to buy. However, with a little patience and creativity, you can find cheap coffee makers that will serve you for a long while. Consider a product such as the Magimix 111310Nespresso, which is an affordable yet highly functional kettle. Its initial price was 179.99 pounds but following the 115.00 pounds reduction, the current price is approximately 65 pounds.

This device is simple to use. It comes with a thermoblock heater. This gives you the room to heat the amount of water you want. You can have this to your advantage as you save on power. In addition to this, the product has a self-switching ability thus it switches itself 30 minutes after use. It is easy to operate the machine and it gives you an excellent gourmet beverage in minutes.

Another benefit of shopping for this appliance is that it is available online with no delivery fee. To enjoy the free delivery and fast services, it is best to make your order in advance. If you prefer to purchase it from a brick and motor store, you can still do this. The service is equally efficient but the machine will cost 69.99 pounds.

Delonghi Esam5500BBean is also a wonderful machine. This is a new product in the market. It has 15 bar pressure and an action pump. It is black in color. You can get this wonderful kettle for 499.99 pounds. This is a slash in price from 999.99 pounds. You will save approximately 500.00 pounds. This comes with a free delivery. All you have to do is order for the machine by 2pm. You can do this through the internet. Alternatively, you can buy it from the store. This will take about 3-7 days.

If you want a machine that gives you milk frothing, Delonghi Esam5400Bean is the appliance to go for. It has an action pump, and it is black in color. You can get this machine for 349.99 pounds. This will save you about 350.00 pounds, as the original price was 699.99 pounds. It is recommended you order for the maker by 2pm. You can collect it 3-7 days if you do not want to make online payments.

Milk frothing on your drink is a delicious treat. The Delonghi Esam5400Bean allows you to enjoy this treat without much ado. With its dark color, the appliance also boasts an action valve. While the manufacturer cost was 699.99 pounds, it is now offered at 349.99 pounds. It is advisable to make an early order to enjoy the free delivery offered for online purchases.

The Delonghi Ecam22.110.SBean is a fantastic option if you are looking for a silver-colored kettle. The make features a fifteen-pressure bar and costs 399.99 pounds and you can buy it online. It is ideal for making that irresistible espresso when you need it immediately.

Cheap coffee makers such as TaS6515GBTAssimo Bosch are also available on the market. The price tag on this high-utility kettle is 119.99 pounds down by 139.99 pounds. By buying online, it will be delivered to your address free of charge.

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Coffee Beans Used To Make Espresso

Vast bins of coffee beans can be overwhelming to the novice espresso drinker. Do you find that the difference between a French roast and an Italian roast makes your head spin? Are you confused about which beans to use for the best espresso?

Let’s start with some basic information. Cappuccinos and lattes are simply variations on espresso. The difference is that they use different volume of steamed milk to espresso. They both use the same kind of dark roasted bean.

Sellers sometimes market a range of beans to give the impression of a large and varied inventory. But realistically there are just two types of beans available commercially: Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica is typically only found at high altitudes, a minimum of 2,400 feet above sea level. It is recognised by its smooth, slightly acidic taste. It is generally grown in eastern Africa and Central and South America. However, Robusta is grown at lower altitudes and has a more forceful, slightly bitter taste. It is generally grown in Southeast Asia, central Africa and Latin America.

Even though coffee roasters have their own techniques for roasting, in the general process the green, raw coffee bean is roasted at temperatures of 480 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, for a short time — usually for seven to 12 minutes. The high heat brings out the flavor balanced with its natural acidity and bitterness of the bean. The longer the roasting time, the more bitter and the less acidic the beans become.

Even though every roaster has their own “right” way if roasting the beans and sometimes has secret blends of beans, realistically there is no one right way to roast beans for espresso. In fact, espresso is usually made with a blend of beans of different colors and consistencies. It is normal for different geographical areas to favor their own blend. For example, in the west coast of the US, they prefer a very dark roast. But when companies like Starbucks started opening cafes in New England, they quickly learned that traditional North easterners enjoyed a lighter roast.

If you don’t have a coffee roaster nearby, you can mail order from a roaster like Naviera Coffee Mills in Tampa, Florida or if you are desperate, your local grocery may carry some beans that are somewhat fresh.

If you buy from your local grocery, pay close attention to the expiration date on the package. And if you buy from a coffee roaster, the best way to assure freshness is to get the most popular, fastest-selling bean. The faster the beans turn over, the more often they will need to be roasted, increasing your chances of enjoying the most freshly roasted beans. Ideal freshness results from grinding freshly roasted beans just before brewing.

Like a fine wine, the debate over what constitutes the best bean for your espresso will be endless, but in the end it is only a matter of taste. Try some different blends and brands and find the combination that gives you the most pleasure. Enjoy the journey as well as the destination!