Some good tips by guest author, Tamera, on finding the right office coffee service for your office or business.

by Tamera Keith

Here are the things that you need to consider for you to be able to choose the right houston coffee service. First of all, they must be experienced in the industry. Check their company profile and know how long they have been into the business.

Choose only businesses that have a good reputation. A reputation can be converted into a rating. You can check the rating of a good company for this type of work in the Better Business Bureau. Know that not all companies will be listed and companies are listed in the bureau not for the same purpose. There are companies that have been listed because they have complaints from dissatisfied customers.

Customers would be able to describe to you what took place in the work if the events just recently happened. The same thing if this was a professional work recently done or performed. Check other people who can possibly refer you a particularly good company for this type of work. It could be that they have had work done by them before.

Speaking of needs, you must be able to determine the needs of the people who will drink this beverage. You can pass around a survey to determine the kind of brew they wish to have, the beverage powder they like or if there is a particular beverage that they like to be served in the office. Check for different companies and compare their offerings.

You can also check the Better Business Bureau for the rating of the company. If they have a high rating with the bureau, they have a good standing in your list of potential companies for this. Also, customers can file complaints through the bureau.

That would be annoying and inconvenience. Check if the company has a good repair and maintenance checks in place. This is important because when the machine does not work, it will not be so much of a problem because you know that they are going to fix it.

Of course, if the customers are not satisfied with the company, they will not patronize their products. They will boycott and not buy anything from them. In the long run, they will lose their precious customers and lose their business ultimately in the end.

They believe that the customer will stick to them if they are able to provide their needs in this aspect. When then are problems and the customer is not satisfied, there are no complicated contracts to consider. The customer can just let of of them anytime if they are not satisfied and without questions asked.

Test the quality of work of the company first. Find companies that will let you do that. In fact, there are companies out there that allow their customers to test their work for free. After the free trial, that is where the real houston coffee service begins and the charges start.

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Most of us use our tap water to make our morning coffee. I do. But if you have not tried a more pure supply of water, you should. I still use my clear tap water for most of my coffee and espresso, but when I want a special treat, I bring out a jug of distilled water. And I make sure my coffee pot is cleaned and free of old oils and residue.

Many years back, I didn’t make the connection between pure water and good coffee. I just knew that after I moved to a town with rusty water, my appreciation of fine coffee faded. The water wasn’t too bad except in the spring when melting snow from the forests turned the water brownish from the tannins. But the water was safe and didn’t taste too bad.

But what I didn’t know was that all the minerals in the water were leeching out the flavor I used to enjoy in my coffee!

After a couple of years of buying various coffee blends with disappointing results, I was finally able to put it together enough to realize the water was what was depriving me of my quest for good coffee (yes, I’m a slow learner!).

I started buying pure distilled water and cleaning my coffee pot frequently. And my appreciation for wonderful coffee and espresso returned.

By the way, bottled mineral water or so-called pure spring water is not a good alternative to distilled water for the best coffee. You should at least give distilled water a chance. You may not easily find distilled water in the water and beverage section of your store. I’ve found it in with baby food in some stores and in with hardware or auto supplies in others.

I now live in the country and my water comes from a deep well filtered by hundreds of feet of the earth. The water is pure and chlorine-free and my daily fix of coffee is delicious.

But even with the clean source of well water, I still periodically treat myself to a gallon jug of distilled water so I can enjoy the purest cup of coffee possible.

So whether you think your water is somewhat filtered or it is loaded with chlorine and other chemicals, pick up some distilled water, scrub your coffee pot (and carefully rinse out any soap), and really enjoy the taste of coffee!