Do you like to drink coffee (see Lavazza beans) each and every day? Do you love just how coffee tastes and the astounding impact it has on you? If so, you’ll be ecstatic to find out that there are now more extras than ever to be added to your favourite drink. This means, whether you fancy the added extra of sweet flavoured syrup to scintillate your senses, or take pleasure in the rich chocolate taste of Belgian chocolate shavings, you can choose. So next time you end up in a coffee conundrum – just remember there are plenty of fantastic extras that may be added to make your coffee far more stimulating.

There are so many wonderful ways to enjoy your coffee these days – this is one of the wonders of the modern world and we truly are spoilt for choice. For this reason, we have listed the top seven ways to add pizazz to your coffee. Keep reading to find out what they are:

1) Cinnamon Powder – This gives a powerful kick to any hot beverage, be it coffee or hot chocolate. All you require is a light dusting of cinnamon powder to transform your beverage from a dull drink to a deluxe delicacy.

2) Belgian Chocolate Shavings – For sheer indulgence, luxury Belgian chocolate flakes are the ideal solution to add a touch of elegance. Being such a versatile accompaniment, you’ll appreciate no matter on the drink it accompanies.

3) Fudge Shrapnel – You can create a new dimension of drink with fudge shrapnel. If its extra flavour and richness that you wish to add your drink, fudge shrapnel melted into your hot drink will provide exactly this.

4) Mocha Sauces – Very similar to syrup (flavoured syrup for coffee), but usually a thicker consistency, mocha sauces provide an incredible flavour for the ultimate mochas, caramel lattes and even ice cream.

5) Mini Marshmellows – If you want to impress your guests, forget coffee. Instead, create your own indulgent hot chocolate with the use of mini marshmellows. Not only do they look spectacular, but they create a fun, sugary texture to your drink.

6) Caramel Waffle – Why not add a continental twist to your favourite steaming hot drink, with a Caramel Waffle. The caramel waffle consists of soft syrup sandwiched together by two layers of waffle. Caramel waffles originated in Holland and work fantastically well with tea, coffee and hot chocolate.

7) Almond Biscotti – A brilliant accompaniment to your coffee, Italian biscotti provides a sweet and crunchy addition to accompany your coffee. They fit perfectly on a saucer, next to your cup of coffee and are a great choice of biscuit for guests.

Now you know the seven great accompaniments to your coffee, there is no reason to get bored of drinking coffee? Find out more about the best coffee, tea and hot chocolate here (see details about A1 Coffee).