For common people, brewing coffee is a very simple job. What they need to do is put the coffee powder and sugar into a cup of coffee, pour it with boiling water and stir; that’s it.  But for true coffee lovers there are several ways to brew coffee so the brewed coffee will be delicious and more enjoyable. 

In fact there are many ways to brew your coffee and the first one is The Turkish Method. This method is used throughout the Middle East and Greece and is perhaps the original method of extracting the liquor from the beans. The process is simple and results in a very strong, sweet, and thick cup of coffee.

Many coffee lovers throughout the world believe in the second method of coffee brewing which is called Percolator. In this method, brewed coffee is passed from a heated reservoir below up through the grounds above, again and again.  Those who love this method believe that the coffee produced by this method is far from soothing.

Besides those two above mentioned methods, the coffee world also knows Drip.  Many coffee lovers believe this as the most popular method of preparing coffee.  We can also follow this method by pouring near-boiling water through the grounds, either manually through a cone containing a filter.  But it is important to remember that the water must be maintained at 195°F so make sure you purchase a capable machine. Also the pot should be removed from the keep-warm burner to prevent the coffee from burning.

Another popular method is French Press. This method utilizes infusion and pressure. After placing ground coffee in a beaker, hot water is added to create coffee “stew”. This is allowed to steep and then a plunger filter pushes the grounds to the bottom and the coffee is left at the top. The French Press method allows the coffee to retain more brewing substances (oils, colloids, etc) than would be left by methods using paper filters.

One method of preparing coffee which is most known throughout the world is Espresso.  Long time ago this process was only a sole property of coffeehouses but today it is becoming more common in households.  The main idea of Espresso is forcing hot water through finely ground coffee and into a cup.

The last method to prepare coffee before we can drink it is Cold-Water Method. After mixing the ground coffee with cold water in a large container, fill a cup one fourth (or less) full and add hot water. This method extracts fewer of the coffee’s natural oils and the extract will keep in the refrigerator for about a week.

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